Liability Contract


YOU MUST BE EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO ORDER FROM RCF By ordering from RCF, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as shown below. These ordering terms must be acknowledged and accepted before any final shipment can take place.

RCF WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND AGREEMENT: Parts and products ordered from RCF are the responsibility of the purchaser to set up as they see fit for their own personal use. Customer assumes all responsibility for setup and maintaining products and/or equipment in safe operating conditions. Products are to be used only in the manner intended and with proper safety equipment. Purchaser herewith acknowledges (a) RCF assumes no liability for any misuse of any products sold and (b) Purchaser acknowledges that there is an inherent risk in the operation of equipment and all products sold by RCF and herewith assumes all risk of any injury arising from the operation of any products sold by RCF. The customer hereby indemnifies and releases RCF from any and all; actions, cost, damages, expenses, liabilities, and attorney fees which could arise from the purchase of one of our products whether or not expenses are caused due to negligence of the distributor, manufacturer, or the seller. The customer hereby agrees to waive any right to exercise any legal actions seeking damages from RCF, or Evan H Ruble and its affiliates. There is NO WARRANTY OR LIABILITY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. This agreement shall become effective immediately after any purchase, or agreed purchase for which a deposit has been received of any of our products. The customer has read and agrees to all our order terms. No final shipping shall take place until this liability form has been electronically signed, or printed and signed and returned to RCF before final shipping takes place. (In any event purchaser is under the age of 18, this form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian assuming full liability).Any disputes hereunder shall be resolved in; ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC

WARRANTY: No warranty, express or implied is provided by RCF. I have read and agree with all the Order Terms shown Above.


**receiving this document will serve as your electronic signature that you agreed to the terms as stated .


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Signed by Evan Ruble
Signed On: July 1, 2020

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